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What is pkzipfix.exe Error?

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Technical information

pkzipfix.exe is a exe file made by PKWARE, Inc. for their N/A. The most recent version we have details of is: N/A, size: 7.5KB, Path: C:\Windows\system32\

PKZIPFIX (tm)  ZIP Recovery Utility  Version 2.04g  02-01-93
Copyright 1989-1993 PKWARE Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Usage: PKZIPFIX ZipFile

PKZIPFIX will reconstruct the specified ZipFile and create PKFIXED.ZIP
recovering files from ZipFile where possible.  Use PKUNZIP to extract
files from PKFIXED.ZIP.  See documentation for more information.

You are free to use, copy and distribute PKZIPFIX for noncommercial use IF:

PKWARE disclaims all warranties as to this software, whether express or
implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchant-
ability, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality or data integrity
or protection.  See documentation for further disclaimers and information.

For more information on PKZIP (R), PKUNZIP (R), PKSFX (R) and other ZIP
related programs call the PKWARE Support BBS at (414)354-8670 or write to:

                PKWARE, Inc.
                9025 N. Deerwood Drive
                Brown Deer, WI 53223

If you’ve had any errors associated with pkzipfix.exe, or any N/A related error at all, you should download the DLLEscort repair patch from this site.

pkzipfix.exe error messages

Once launched, the pkzipfix.exe performs the following actions:

  • "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\pkzipfix.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file."
  • "Windows\System32\pkzipfix.exe missing or corrupt: Please re-install a copy of the above file."
  • "Cannot find Windows\System32\pkzipfix.exe"
  • "Cannot find pkzipfix.exe"
  • pkzipfix.exe is missing
  • Unable to find pkzipfix.exe
  • Damaged pkzipfix.exe
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    How to Fix pkzipfix.exe Not Found or Missing Errors

    Getting missing .dll error indicates that the file is removed or deleted from your computer. If .dll missing error is not fixed immediately, your computer would no longer work correctly.

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    How to replace pkzipfix.exe by using DLL Escort

  • Step1: Download DLL Escort, install and run
  • Step2: Click "Save File" and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.
  • Step3: Click "Click to Start Scan" to scan over your computer.
  • Step4: Click the "Fix DLL Errors" button to fix file error and speed up computer.
  • Step5: Click "File Repair" button,enter the "File name" in the text box.then click the "download" button to copy the downloaded file to the program directory or system directory.
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    (320) pk77.dll
    (220) pku2u.dll
    (191) PKCFG.EXE
    (190) pkill.exe
    (187) pkmws.dll
    (170) PKZIP.EXE
    (170) PKTD.SYS
    (169) Pknet.dll
    (162) pkki.exe
    (157) pkga.exe
    (140) Pkey.exe
    (138) PKPAK.EXE
    (138) PkPM.dll
    (136) pkces.dll
    (132) pkss.dll
    (132) PKawX.dll
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